Player races are:

Dwarf- Typical short, stocky mountain folk.

Elf- Typical tree dwelling people of nature and magic.

Gnome- Short species known for invention.

Goblin- Short species often put into factories for monotonous tasks. Had a bad history in the West before integration.

Grippli- Humanoid tree frogs native to the marshes and jungles of southern Schyrra. Created by the Mask and Jester.

Half-elf- Common mixture of human and elven love.

Halfling- Short people often given to wanderlust.

Half-orc- Though the violent times of orc-human relations are closed, half orc societies pass the curse along. Some half-orcs are the union of marriage as well.

Hobgoblin- Militant masters of the Ronge empire. Hobgoblins are from the West only.

Human- Most common, ambitious species.

Kobold- Often considered fun and crafty, kobolds have a love of pranks.

Orc- Warrior people of the Enge Empire.

Tengu- Eastern people that resemble short crows.

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