The Outlanders are loosely based on varying European or “traditional fantasy” style nations. Most are monarchies. They have an element of the 19th and very early 20th century to them, combined with scientific magic, something many people call “steampunk.”

Outlanders mostly rely on arcane and divine magics, yet have no way of making them permanent. Mundane (non-magical) ideas and technologies have been discovered, patented, and sold in colorful boxes. The land is erased, and paved with broken earth. Everything is alien and new. Their nations often fight, but are held in check by the Ronge Empire.

Unlike the South and East, race plays a major role. Racial stereotypes run rampant, and the history of conquered races, such as the goblins of Ronge or orcs of Enge, is not forgotten.
Enge: Human and Orc run separatist nation.
Frenge: Elf and halfling run nation of thought.
Senge: Dwarf and Gnome run nation of business and industry.
Ronge: Hobgoblin and Goblin run Empire that rules all the West, save parts of Enge.



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