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  • Gydd

    Sage Gydd Nephret is a young, aspiring scribe. Her half human, half elven ears perk up with talk of anything historic or arcane, even as she shuffles nervously when attention is drawn to her for these topics. She keeps her brownish hair tied back, neatly …

  • Dala Arand

    Dala is a somber youth studying to take on the role of sage. She works closely with Dannae, a master sage at the Mirror's temple. She bears fresh welts on her face when first met.

  • Dannae

    Dannae is a warm, friendly elven woman with deep eyes and a black staff adorned with gold wrappings, a gift from the Airidi scholars she met years ago. She works as a major historian and assigns projects to the various scribes working under her.

  • Kalaes the Club

    An overly formal, civil brave in charge of keeping the town defended from roving marauders, monsters, and Karrinog, sometimes all at once, as well as apprehending criminals for the sages' judgement. Kalaes is a warrior in a learned man's world, and feels …

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